Cancel Your Timeshare Contract
(100% Success Rate)

If you felt pressured, misled, or are simply unhappy with your timeshare purchase/fees, CLICK BELOW. Your timeshare may be eligible to begin the cancellation process IMMEDIATELY.

Talk with us BEFORE you pay a timeshare cancellation service.👇

We'll share the secret that allows thousands of Americans to cancel their timeshares and in some cases receive a refund.

If you were pressured into buying a timeshare, we may be able to help!

Protecting Consumers

We work with attorneys that use consumer protection laws that are designed to protect consumers against unscrupulous and illegal business and sales tactics.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If we take your case, it means we have a 100% timeshare cancellation success rate. As a result, we can provide you with our 100% client satisfaction guarantee.

We're Partners In This Journey

Your client service manager will be your partner throughout the cancellation process. We will keep you informed and give you regular updates throughout the process.

Our timeshare company made misrepresentations to us time after time. They kept trying to upgrade us over and over, creating more financial burdens. It was too much! Be Free was the only firm that delivered on their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Don't pay a random "timeshare cancellation specialist." Get REAL help with our legal team!

Timeshare law is a specialized area that requires proper legal representation. There are many fake “timeshare exit companies” that could leave you owing more and still paying for your timeshare. 

We'll share the secret that allows thousands of Americans to cancel their timeshares and in some cases receive a refund.

We didn't know our kids would be responsible for our timeshare when we pass away. Thank goodness Be Free was able to help get us OUT of that whole mess!

Stop Wasting Your Hard-Earned Money On A Resort That Doesn’t Care About You

Our reputation speaks for itself. We have an A+ rating on the BBB website. Quite frankly, we have one of the highest rated BBB profiles of any company in the timeshare cancellation industry.

We may be able to cancel your timeshare contract and eliminate your financial burden.

Find Out Now, 100% FREE!

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