Transform Your Sales Team Into A Closing Machine

We generate pre-qualified, pre-screened leads that your sales team will love.

How Does This Work?

We Generate A lead In Your Vertical

We spend our own cash on advertising, you pay nothing up front.

We transmit the lead to your team

We integrate with your CRM, call center software, or API.

Your Team Calls the Lead and closes it

If a lead is invalid you don't pay. Only pay for qualified leads.

We all Make Money Together!

If we don't deliver, we don't get paid. It's as simple as that.

Fill Your Pipeline With Hot Buyer Leads

Imagine getting consistent, scalable and qualified customer inquiries – ON DEMAND!

Our leads are great. So great that we use them to feed our own sales teams. You can get in on the action by clicking below.

What Types Of Leads Do We Sell?

Timeshare Exit

We have the best timeshare exit leads on the planet. You will be impressed. Timeshare exit is our specialty at the moment.

Mortgage Loans

This includes cash-out refi, hard money, and niche products like pool loan refi, home improvement loans, etc.

Mass Torts

Need a lot of cases really fast? Unleash our media buyers to go out and get them for you.

Any Other Vertical - Just Ask Us!

We have a knack for finding qualified prospects with in any niche. No limitations!

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