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It's Time To Exit Your Unwanted Timeshare

There are lots of reasons why people may choose to not want their timeshare anymore. Misrepresentations made by the salesperson during the purchase, failing health, a substantial change in financial circumstances, being unable to book dates they want year after year and the inability to use the property are some of the reasons why people tend to give up their timeshares.

Failure of a property management company to deliver the promised experience is the leading reason why owners exit their timeshares or vacation properties. Undisclosed details at the time of sales such as rising maintenance fees along with special assessment fees and resort exchange fees are just a few examples of how a resort property may fail to deliver the pleasant experience a timeshare owner once looked forward enjoying.

If you’ve decided to give up your timeshare for any reason, Swipe Solutions is always here to help. We are an organization with a sound, long-standing reputation for ethical business practices.

We Specialize in Timeshare Exit

Here at Swipe Solutions, we are committed to the principle that consumers should have an option when exercising their rights. We are here to eliminate unwanted expenses such as your timeshare and help you move one step closer to financial peace of mind.

Swipe Solutions have helped thousands of owners just like you find the right way to get out of timeshare ownership. Our goal is to be sure you make the right decision so we’ll assess your ownership and let you know your options.

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My wife and I owned a Timeshare for years and the maintenance fees kept increasing. Swipe Solutions placed us with the right Attorney who was able to get us out of the timeshare within 18 months. We are pleased with the company.
David W.
Robert was fantastic! We were able to get out of our contract without having to use all the services they had to offer which was amazing! Highly recommend this company!
Peter D.
Placing us with Tradeboc got us out of a difficult situation during a time when the country was under a pandemic. I would highly recommend their team and personnel. We are very happy with the results.
Matthew R.

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