Solar Panel Installation in City, Stab

Solar Panel Installation in City, Stab

Getting Started with Solar

How Solar Works: When sunlight strikes the cells of a solar panel, it causes the electrons to flow, creating an electrical current. This energy is channeled into an inverter where it is converted from direct current (DC) power to alternating current (AC) power to provide energy to your home. City residents are ideal candidates for optimal solar energy absorption. When you choose to have a grid-tied system installed, you’ll receive a credit for the excess energy you produce, effectively reducing or eliminating your utility bill.

What are Your Solar Options?

There are the three primary types of solar systems:

  1. Grid-Tied Solar System – Solar panels are installed and the energy generated is used to power your home or business. When no energy is generated, you get power from the grid. Excess energy produced by your solar panels is sent back to the grid and you get a credit.
  2. Grid-Tied With Battery Back-Up – Solar panels are installed and the energy generated is used to power your home or business. When no energy is generated, you get power from your battery first, then if necessary, from the grid. Once your battery is full, you still send energy back to the grid and you get a credit.
  3. Stand Alone (Off-Grid) Solar – Solar panels are installed and the energy generated is used to power your home or business. When no energy is generated, you get power from your battery. You are not tied to the grid and have complete energy independence.

City Solar Panel Installation Cost

A world leader in solar panel installations, City has 3 times the per capita amount of installed solar panels over the entire nation. In fact, the city beats out some entire countries worldwide based on per capita installations.

In the grand scheme of things, electricity in City is fairly cheap compared to the rest of the country ($0.12 per kilowatt-hour); though, the prices have increased 9% over the past 5 years alone. Which is the reason why it takes slightly longer to reap those big financial returns on the installation of a solar system – about 13 years to be exact. But, while City has a lower than average electricity rate, electrical usage in Statefull, in general, is higher than the national average – so there are more opportunities for savings. The price of your system might slightly outweigh the gains at first, but, in the long-run, you are set to reap the pure profit.

The majority of households will need a 5kW system to power the house off of solar panels. In City, a 5kW system will cost you approximately $20,950. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? But, when you start comparing the cost of solar panels to the cost of more everyday things – like buying a new car, college tuition, daycare, private schools, and other house renovations, it seems reasonable. Especially when you consider solar panels will last you 30 years or more. When’s the last time you bought a car that you drove for 30 years?

As mentioned above, because the cost of electricity in Statefull is generally lower than in the rest of the country, it’ll take a little bit longer to get a return on investment on your solar system (about 13 years), but, that doesn’t mean you won’t profit. Estimates suggest that over the lifetime of your system, you’ll save $16,925! The average City resident pays a utility bill of around $131 per month. As a City resident, you’re projected to save $1,053 per year in electricity costs – that’s ~$88/month.

You Enjoy Clean Solar Energy, We Take Care of the Rest

The solar industry is booming in the United States, putting nearly 250,000 people to work saving the planet from harmful greenhouse gases. A booming industry generally means there are incentives. And incentives help homeowners go solar. One major incentive that our customers appreciate is that Swipe Solutions handles everything from A to Z. Your job is to sit back and enjoy the savings.

Once you choose Swipe Solutions, we get busy. We handle all the permits and all the paperwork from the very beginning. You don’t have to do a thing. We look for local, state, and federal rebates that may apply– and give you these savings upfront with better pricing or a low monthly payment (depending on the plan you go with).

Our solar technicians are best-in-class and walk you through everything. We use only top-notch solar installers to ensure that your system is installed professionally and continues to run efficiently for years to come (two decades and more!). We want you to begin long-term savings as soon as possible, so we get you up and running as soon as possible.

City, Statefull Solar Power Services

Now that you’ve learned that the benefits of renewable energy are astronomical—cheaper bills, bigger tax deductions, a greener footprint, and more! At Swipe Solutions our City solar energy installation team can explain the process of switching to solar, which system will provide you with the most benefits, and anything else you might want to know. We take pride in delivering top quality products and customer services with every project we handle.

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The Benefits of Working with Our Solar Team

  • We use best-in-class components for all our installations
  • Our products are designed to last 50+ years
  • We attend seminars regularly to stay up-to-date on the latest news and technology
  • Our company is your one-to-shop for all your solar needs

It's Time for Some Green Savings in City, Stab with Solar Panels